Saturday, October 7, 2017

A castle for my 6mm Baccus samurai!

Hey all!

Well, I decided to start doing some terrain for my 6mm samurai... and what says "Japanese samurai terrain" better than a big old castle!

So, finding an actual good castle isn't so easy, if you stay within the miniatures world... there just isn't a great one out there. 

But who knew... there is an entire world of models from the model community that fits the bill! 

This one is from the company Doyusha, and is the 1/350 scale model of Osaka castle.  While it isn't quite 6mm (it is a tiny bit small) it works PERFECTLY, especially since we all know that scenery often works best when it is slightly smaller in scale than the figures.  This difference in this one is so slight that you don't even notice.

The model took only a short while to glue together, and I only messed up once or twice... first model I've ever done, so what can you expect?  Overall I think it turned out very nice.  I went with white and gold, and did the roof in black instead of the greenish look... I thought it would look a bit better, and I think I was right.  I added the cherry tree to give it a bit of color when I painted it, and put it where there was supposed to be a cannon.  I didn't add some of the little roof tidbits, as I figure they would just knocked over... this thing has to be functional.

But maybe my favorite part of this whole thing is that the samurai bases I made can fit right inside of it!  In fact, see the unit above? It was inside the castle in all the photos I took for this blog post!  I just had to add a little plastic floor and voila; they fit PERFECTLY.

So... thats it!  A friend recommended maybe grassing some of the courtyard, but looking at the stairs, and where the paths would logically be, I struggled a bit at figuring out where they would go.

Next up?  A pair of torii gates from Gamecraft Miniatures... and then, fingers crossed, my order from Mura Miniatures should arrive. 

Thanks, all, for stopping by for a look!

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

28mm Roman Scorpion finished

Hey all!

Well, I finished up some more Romans for the son's collection (he has some on the workbench.)

This was a scorpion, from Warlord Games Hail Caesar line.  I made the base out of two bases, and then used a drill to drill out the holes for the bases.

Here are the two guys.  You might notice that I am using a slightly different flock mix... when I got my lockbox, I decided to start to step up my flock game.  I've gotten a whole selection of flocks, and accident mixed a few, and I like how it looks!  I think I'll probably do up a whole tub of a 28mm mix, with several longer grasses of several colors mixed in, to give it a bit of a more wild look, which is generally how battlefields should look!

Here is the scorpion in front of some Roman officers... I'll see if I can get some larger group shots, as the collection is coming together a bit.

Who ever would have guessed we'd have a Roman and Germanic collection in the House of War?  Not I!:)

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Roman commander (from Gladiator) finished

Hi all!

Thought I would finally share my finished Roman commander for my son's collection!

It is the "Unleash Hell!" figure from Warlord Games, along with the Aquilifer and a few soldiers to fill out the tray.

Overall I think he turned out pretty sharp!  Maybe not perfect, but pretty good!

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Germanic Chieftan Ariovistus from Warlord Games done!

So, I got the commander finished up for the OpFo for my son's Romans... a Germanic Chieftan and his guard!

Here he is... I had originally bought him to paint a crazy display figure, but then realized he should just lead the Germans!  So I painted him up and stuck him on a movement tray the same size as the rest (I'll take photos soon, promise!)

Overall I think he looks suitably intimidating!

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Some new shelving at the House of War!

Hi all!

Well... I had run out of room in the House of War!

It's a depressing moment, when you realize you are just plum out of space... nothing more can be added!

And unfortunately I know that a pretty cool Christmas gift is on its way, which DESPERATELY needs room... 

So I added one LAST shelf!  Overall I think it fits fairly well... maybe a *touch* crowded, but not really... and it leaves space (where the viking helmet USED to be) for the likely final addition!

So here is the room, with it!

Some rice paddies for my 6mm samurai finished

Hey all!

Well, I've finally turned my eye towards doing some scenery for my 6mm samurai... so here are four rice paddies!

They are simple... card base, some berms built up using sand and white glue, some varnish, some GHQ civilians, and some static grass!

Here are two smaller fields, with a water buffalo on the left one led by a kid, and a few workers (and a roaming buffalo) on the right.

Here are the two larger rice paddies... the left being worked, and the right with its workers just arriving for the day!

I had two more that got lost in test runs, both to bad varnish spills:)

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Some Germans to fight the Romans...

Hey all!

Well, I have four units of Romans done (my son painted a fourth group entirely on his own... and they turned out great!) so I wanted to get someone for him to fight!

So I bought a box of Germanic tribesmen, some skirmishers with javelins, and a general.  I am going SUPER simple with them... I actually undercoated them with a brown, and then just went in and added, and then dipped.  Now I just have to grass them, and get their trays done, and voila!

Here are the Romans, btw.  Four units done, four to go.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

The second 6mm Daimyo... done! Four units to go...

Hey all!

Well, my second daimyo is done!

I finished up the first one, and the four units that match him, so I said I'd reward myself with daimyo #2!

I went with a red clan.  The story is fairly simple... the daimyo is leaving his two lesser lords (green and yellow, each with their own guards and banners) on his way somewhere, his men forming up to watch him leave.

But is he leaving in time?  In the back of the stand are three ninjas, who have just killed the guard and are moving in!

Overall very happy with how it turned out... they are hard to photograph, but in person it is fairly bustling with activity, and you can really make our each individual little guy.

Here the command stand is with two regular clan stands.

So... four units to match the second daimyo, one of each type... gun, archer, horse, samurai... and the collection is done!

Oh, and I ordered about a hundred bucks of buildings from Mura Miniatures.  Fingers crossed they get here soon:)

Friday, August 25, 2017

Sam Mustafa's "Rommel" is released!

Hey all!

Sam Mustafa's latest, the massive-scaled WWII game "Rommel," is here!

"Rommel" is pretty unique in that it is one of the only miniatures game that takes place at SUCH a high level of operations.

Plus, with a completely open architecture, you are able to create almost any esoteric unit you can imagine.  Wait, the Germans had a unit of half of one tank, half another, with an excellent commander?  Excellent, you can make it!

Many playtesters have already spoken about how smooth the game is, and Sam has said that it might be one of his best ever.

Two things about "Rommel" compared to other recent "Honour" games.

First, there are no cards.  For me that is a shame, because I do enjoy how the cards reflect the period, but frankly the game does a GREAT job without them.

Second, the game is played on a grid table, rather than a simple tabletop.  While I blanched at this at first, I've certainly come around... give Sam's excellent podcast a listen, and he can explain the thought process behind it.  Suffice it to say, the guy thinks about stuff.  A lot:)

You can see, in all of these photos, that I've used small rocks to divide up the table into six inch grids.  Looks pretty good, no?

Anyway, for more info, check out Sam's website,! (Although when the game released his website crashed, so if it isn't up when you click the link wait a few minutes and try again:) )

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Finished the rest of the 6mm ninjas... with a great one!

Hey all!

Well, I finished up two more stands of ninjas for my 6mm samurai collection, so huzzah!

I'm really happy with them.  I did another simple base of ninjas with just long wheat grass, and then my favorite one... a mini scene of three ninjas leaping out of the brush to assassinate an unexpecting daimyo!

Overall I feel like I really nailed these:)

6mm ninjas for my samurai collection...

Hey all!

Well, I am well on my way to finishing up my planned 6mm samurai collection, using Baccus 6mm figures.

But if I have to do so many standard units, why not have some fun and do some ninjas?

They are actually "neo ninjas" from Onslaught Miniatures... they are meant as a futuristic figure, but at that scale, how the hell can you tell?:)  They work just fine.  They have five poses, and look pretty sharp!

I ended up basing them more like counters than anything else, with one die holder... I'll figure out the rules eventually.  I was originally thinking about doing something fancy with the basing, but then figured I didn't want them moving around with big pieces of terrain, sooo... I might, at some point, do two more stands... maybe of them about to assassinate a daimyo or something?  That could be cool:)

Anyway... thanks for looking!

Sunday, August 20, 2017

I've started rebasing the Romans...

Hey all!

Well, as I mentioned earlier, I decided to go ahead and rebase my son's Romans.

I had originally done them on stands of eight, all together.  But then I thought... that just isn't as much fun for a kid.  You want to play with them independently at time, you know?

So I got some bases from Litko and have started rebasing!

I finished one unit, and have two more nearly done.... I'm going a little simple with the ones who I had already finished, and I'll do them a bit different when I start new, from fresh units.


Oh, and there are more coming... another box of Romans, a box of Germanic tribesmen, some German skirmishers, a scorpion for the Romans, and a few generals.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Some palm trees added to my naval terrain...

Hey all!

Well, way back at Cold Wars, I found a great vendor at one of the flea market tables... they were selling little plastic baggies of trees and the like.

One of the things I got was a baggie of palm trees, with the idea of using them to flesh out my naval terrain... so, I did!

Here are a selection of islands with the trees added.  I kept two groups of three on their original bases, with a bit of paint around the edges to match the shorelines... I figure they will be useful as tiny little offshoots of main islands.

Overall I'm really happy with how they look... the scale is right, and you REALLY do need palm trees for these sorts of islands to look right!

Friday, August 18, 2017

My son's old school samurai armies...

Hey all!

In all the excitement of daddy working on a samurai army, it was pretty clear the boy would have to have one too.

Well, thanks to daddy having based a million samurai from the old game Shogun...

... now he has one!

Basically they were based in groups of ashigaru, archers, guns, samurai, or ronin.  I made up some command stands as well for each of those, with a daimyo, banner, and soldier on each.  I also made up a big army command stand for each army... you can see it below, on the huge round stand.  After I finished up the armies I had enough figures to do five hero figures... basically samurai mounted on round individual stands, with personalized sashimonos.

Painting was super simple... one army blue, one red.  One got Hojo mon, the other Takeda.  About twelve stands of ashigaru were painted a brownish color, and then I painted their hats yellow to represent straw hats... these act as peasants.  The heroes were undercoated white (well, except the black one) and then given different colors.

I also have one ninja, but he is based differently... on a big round base and painted... because I did him up when I was young.

Anyway, the boy's been playing with them a bunch, doing castle sieges and the like.  He really enjoys looking at my guys, and then playing with his!

Some shots of all the finished 6mm samurai on the table...

Hey all!

Well, I threw my samurai on the table in between tables (I took apart my 25mm viking table, and am putting up a 10mm Napoleonic table) and thought I would take some photos!

There are a few units on here that I haven't photographed in finished shape... the pink unit of archers, and the two units in the same clan as the daimyo.

Here those two are.   My plan now is to finish two more units that match this daimyo, and then do my second daimyo and get four units done for him, too.  That will give me 20 units total (including the daimyo stands) which might be good enough for now... not counting my plans for ninjas:)

Anyway... so that is a bit on the samurai!

I'm on vacation for a few days away from the kids, so I took some photos of toy soldiers and will do a few blog updates... nice way to relax!:D

Thursday, August 17, 2017

The Fridge... snacks and drinks for all!

Hey all!

Well listen... I take my toy soldiers seriously, but you also have to be able to entertain, you know?  So... here is an updated shot of the fridge!

On top of the fridge is the booze... some whiskey, some vodka, some tequila, and a home-brewed Italian liquor.

I got this fridge at a yard sale down the block... twenty bucks!  Yes please!  A fridge on the bottom for the cold things, and a compartment for the snacks above!

Here is the door... two each of rum, vodka, and whiskey on top, and then a mix of beer and hard lemonade on bottom.  Trying to have something for everyone!

Here is the main friday... on the very bottom you've got the little Diet Cokes and the chilled mini York Peppermint Patties... then some other beers and some cranberry juice.  Above that, the cans... Coke, Sprite, and seltzer.

The snacks are of two sorts; crunchy/salty, and sweet!

On the left you can see the candy "box."  I put them in this because you can just take it out and put it on the table when you game.  It has a wide variety of candies... Hershey Kisses, assorted Lindt truffles, assorted Ghiradelli squares, and a bunch of minis (Milky Ways, Twix, Milky Way Midnights, Snickers, and Three Musketeers.)

Behind the candy is a can of Snyder pretzel rods... they are wicked crunchy and delicious.  Then the assorted individual packs of chips... I think right now it includes Doritos, Cool Ranch Doritos, Cheetos, pretzels, and Sour Cream and Onion potato chips.