Saturday, March 17, 2018

"You as a Miniature" Day 2 at Cold Wars!

(Above is our "Of, By, For Gamers board, with ALL of YOUR suggestions for eras that YOU want to star in!:) )

Hi all!

Well, thanks to everyone who came by the Minuteman Miniatures booth today at Cold Wars!  It was great getting to meet so many folks and talk about what we think is a cool little project!

One piece of news from today... thanks to new people commiting to future scans, we will be able to offer a BOATLOAD of new figures in the next few weeks!

We will now be doing a American Civil War, a Dark Ages Highlander, a Viking, a Mounted Norman,  and an American Revolutionary War "YOU!"... they should be available in a few weeks!

And if you want us to make available a Pirate you, a Cowboy you, a fantasy "Lord of the Rings" you, an American 30's Gangster you, a Pulp "Indiana Jones" style adventurer you, or a Napoleonic British Officer you, or a Samurai you... each are only a few more "votes" from getting made!

So come on down for your free scan, and see what we can build for you!:)

Thanks all!

Friday, March 16, 2018

Miniatures of YOU, Day One; Thanks, and new figures!

Hey all!

Well, Day One at Cold Wars is in the books!  We were so happy to meet so many fellow gamers today, and especially glad we could do SO many scans!

A piece of news; thanks to all of the people committing to new figures on the "Of, By, For Gamers" board, we will, in the next few weeks, be producing an American Civil War officer, a Dark Ages Scottish Highlander, and a Viking!  So if that was a figure you said you were interested in, and you sat for a scan... well, in a few weeks we will shoot you an email and we will just use your archived image to create it for you!

So if YOU ever imagined yourself as a French Napoleonic Colonel crossing the fields at Waterloo, or an American Officer leading your men in World War 2, or as a Warhammer general, or a Frostgrave hero... or now on the battlefield on Antietam or the Scottish moors or raiding England... come on by for a free scan and ask us about getting it done!

Booth 200, right across from Battlefront... Minuteman Miniatures!

Thanks again to everyone!:)

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

You want tanks (at Cold Wars)?

You want tanks at Cold Wars?

We've got you covered.  We hear people are digging Italian right now?

Whether it's a Dodge WC54 ambulance for your American army...

... or a Sdkfz 251/7 with assault bridges for your German army,

... or a BT-7 1936r for your Russian army,

... or a Turan III for your Hungarian army,

... or a Ram II OP for your Canadian army,

... or a T55A to hunt down that M109A6 Paladin across Western Europe…

... we've got you covered!

Hundreds of tanks, from The Great War to current day, including some of the rarest ones... and all a LOT cheaper than the big boy companies!

Come on by Minuteman Miniatures at Booth 200 at Cold Wars and say hi!

Monday, March 12, 2018

A bit more about the new business!!!

Hi all!

Well, I posted this earlier, but without any more info... so I thought I would share more!

I am SUPER excited to introduce Minuteman Miniatures, a new miniatures production company, and to introduce our first service which we will be bringing to the Cold Wars 2018 miniatures convention in Lancaster, PA next weekend… personalized miniatures of YOU!

We will be at the Vendor’s Hall at the convention where, thanks to 3d scanning and printing, we will be offering on-demand, “while you wait” miniatures of YOU in a variety of scales and from a variety of eras! As our first offering, courtesy of technology, we’ll be able to make YOU to lead your French Napoleonic armies, your Roman and Greek armies, and your American and German World War 2 armies... and to venture into deepest dungeons as well! 

And if we don’t have what you want in terms of eras, we will ALSO maintain a “Of, By, For Gamers” board where people can propose DIFFERENT eras… and if enough people sign up, we’ll produce it for you!

We will also have other things for sale, including a HUGE variety of tanks… literally HUNDREDS of tanks from different eras, WWI to modern day, at ANY scale you can imagine, including some of the most bizarre and rare ones, all printed ON DEMAND and on-site… and if you’ve ever had an idea for a totally custom army we’ll even work with you to produce it!

So please drop by booth 200 at Cold Wars, say hi, and pick up… well, YOU!

Thanks so much!

Sunday, March 11, 2018

My new business - miniatures of YOU!!!

I am so, SO super proud to finally be able to announce my new business venture!

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Some more experimental shots...

Well, I took a few more test shots... still playing around with the ISO setting and the rest... when I hit on the best outcome, I'll stick with it!

Friday, March 9, 2018

Playing with a new lighting setup...

Hi all!

Well, playing around with some new lighting... I think it looks pretty good, although I see a few CLEAR ways to clean it up.

Anyway, took a few test shots...

I'll give it a little more of a look tomorrow!

Sunday, February 18, 2018

My painted 15mm Rebs hit eBay!

Hey folks!

Well, my two lots of 15mm painted Rebs has hit eBay... so go grab yourself some painted figures!

A cool new product for making individual leaves

Hey all!

Okay, thought I would share an interesting new product I picked up!

Now, everyone loves the way that individual leaves look on the bases of our toy soldiers.  And I found a pretty neat product for it!

Check it out!  From Greenstuffworld, this 25mm leaf punch is a punch with the shapes of four different types of leaves.  Grab some paper and punch away!

Here are the leaves I made on my first try.  I used yellow, orange, and red construction paper that I had given a bit of a brown wash.  In retrospect, a little more wash would have been good.

Here you can see the actual punches.  It's pretty cool!

Now, I put some on some bases of my zombie survivors, but I've decided now against that any more... it just looks a bit off, having those on the bases if the scene isn't a fall one.  Instead, I think what I will do is I'll buy a few fall trees at Cold Wars, and then, when I want to do a fall-time game, I'll put out the fall trees and then scatter the leafs around loosely.  

Some photos from an X-Wing game...

Hey all!

Well, last week my son and I had a "Father and Son" day of games.  One game we played was X-Wing!

I let him pick the teams.  He's watched a lot of "Rebels" recently, and so wanted a Defender in there... and the Falcon doesn't hurt either!  So I took Han Solo, and he took three generics... two Interceptors, along with his Defender.

He flew his TIE fighters fairly well, although he did end up facing the wrong way a few times... but hey, he is only 6:)  

"Get those TIE fighters off me!" shouted Han to Chewie.

I did loop in and out a few times, blasting away, but I just couldn't put the killing shot on a TIE fighter!

I swept back around and towards the TIE fighters, trying to take a few down...

And while I did shoot one interceptor down, the Defender proved to be too much to handle... he blew me out of the sky!